Hello, friends. Tim here. Today I am going to share this shoot at Château de Villette that I did in June. The couple C&Y wanted to keep things private, and not share many details that we usually post. I value my client's privacy, so we are going to be focused on the venue today, its beauty, and lavish interiors.


C. sent me a message asking for pictures at an indoor location in Paris. "I want something like an Opera Garnier or Versailles, would that be possible? We are thinking about Shangri La Paris elopement as well. Also our option was Disneyland Paris elopement, but we don't like that idea".

Since Opera and Versailles are not available for private rent, I recommended this beautiful castle instead.

"We compared how much does it cost to elope in Paris vs getting married in our city. This castle Paris elopement cost was better. Compared with our home city venue rent, we can really do Paris wedding on a budget. Paris wedding venues and prices are optimum ratio price-quality. " Y. confirmed.


She immediately fell in love with remarkable château built in the late 17th century by François Mansart and Jules Hardouin-Mansart, chief architect of Louis XV.

"I love this elegant and luxurious place, we would like to take our pre-wedding portraits here" C.confirmed.

Château de Villette is the only available castle for an indoor shoot. We can not take photos inside within any other public castle package. C wanted to capture her wedding gowns not only with castle exteriors but also take pictures in beautiful rooms. Most of the castles in our packages are public with very limited access, garden and park only.

Full access to every room, suite, and even a marble pool is offered by Château de Villette. This castle is the place where we can have a private shoot inside.

You will have an opportunity to take photos not only in the 7 different suites, but also garden and park. Each photo will be unique and full of details to look at. Fairytale Chateau in Paris for wedding.

Keep reading, I promise you will be surprised by suite details at the end.


"What I loved the most was the opportunity to take photos with a classic antique, it contains a feeling of history, and you can literally touch it" С. said after the shoot.

Real antique furniture from the late 17th century, brand-new interior design, and a charming garden. All rooms are tastefully decorated with luxury fabrics and art pieces. New owners purchased antique furniture and art at auctions by Christie's and Sotheby's in 2008-2011.


"I wanted to book Château de Villette in Condécour as the most magical place to have a wedding photo session at. I love the extraordinary interiors. For the outfits I have 3 dresses and thinking about white and gold colors" С. said to us.

It's a great venue for a wedding or pre-wedding shoot because Château de Villette offers at least 10 completely different backgrounds for your portraits. That means you can take pictures in numerous outfits and choose your favorite styles.

For a fashion-forward couple to look incredible on their wedding photos. Not your regular wedding photos "just like anybody else". Each photo here will be unique, different from the others. You can look at it and find something new every time. Your wedding album will be anything but boring.

Pure french chic will be the best description of any shoot at Château de Villette. Couples book this place when they want to spoil themselves.


We arrived in the morning, around 10 AM. It was a nice and sunny summer day. The first thing we saw was a perfectly maintained park.

The castle manager gave us a tour of the place. We were amazed and immediately fell in love. It was the perfect way to start our photo shoot day.

Wedding makeup and hair typically last 1,5 to 3 hours. As the crew worked with the bridal preparations, I unpacked and started to take first photos to capture the beauty of Château de Villette.


I made a tour around the Château de Villette and did some shots of the castle and park.

I was amazed by the beauty of this place. People rent Château de Villette for weddings and celebrations. And sometimes it is even used as the backdrop for commercials and movies. For example The Da Vinci Code. It was partially filmed by Columbia Pictures & Sony Entertainment staring Tom Hanks and Audrey Tautou.

The photos below are my favorites of several I took.


New owners did the restoration of the entire castle. Jacques Garcia individually renowned and designed 7 luxurious suites. With the finest period furniture and objets d’art.

For example, take a look at this blue dining room. Since the beginning of 2007, this place has undergone serious changes. Here is a before and after result. That's pretty amazing, isn't it?

How many differences can you spot between two pictures?


While I did my location scouting, our florist Emily Alarcon prepared flowers for bridal bouquets. She decided to create 3 bouquets, each with a different vibe.


Makeup is finished. C. was wearing haute couture two-piece wedding dress with golden details by créatrice de robes de mariées Geraldine Daulon.

We started portrait shoot. Felt extremely happy shooting at these interiors. If you have to make your pre-wedding or post-wedding session here, just keep it classy, simple, and heartfelt.


The first outfit was done and we returned back to change the dress and hairstyle.

While Tatiana continued her transformations, I went up to take some photos of luxurious suites that are located on the second floor. Chateau de Villette has 7 luxurious suites, each with own unique style.

Almost done! Emily and Tatiana prepared accessories. We changed outfits and continued our shoot. Which style do you love more?

And the last style we did was this white dress. I like this look because of it's simplicity. Neutral in color, not over the top. Less is more philosophy.


If you loved this venue and think about having a shoot or a wedding here, let us know.

What can we make at Château de Villette, what are the options? Here are some ideas:

1) A simple half-day shoot, engagement, or wedding portrait session

2) Full-day photoshoot with multiple outfit changes, from cocktail to wedding dress. Bonus: take your swimsuit and hat to take some shots near the marble pool

3) Elopement wedding, with indoor or outdoor ceremony

Price for something like this starts at €6,500 for the castle private rent and around €3,500 for other wedding options (photography, makeup, flowers and other). Each shoot here is unique so we don't sell any pre-made packages.


Photography and planning: @doitparisway

Glam: @zinchukmakeup

Flowers: @emilyalarconwedding

Dresses by: @geraldinedaulon