I sometimes post my photoshoots to the "Gallery" page. I recommend you to visit it. Especially if you're a couple planning to get married soon. You will find many interesting things there: different season examples, locations, and a lot of Paris elopement inspiration.

But right now I have something special in mind for you. I created this story about how I planned this wedding from start to finish. Yeap, that's right! A whole elopement planning process. I am an elopement planner and photographer since 2013 and I have some happy stories and my experience to share with you.

So make yourselves comfortable, and let me begin...


Jessica and Travis dreamed about a romantic celebration for two without the whole stress of planning and craziness of a big wedding. They always wanted to travel to Paris and having an elopement allowed them to focus on each other. I helped them by planning this day on the 13 June 2021.

Want to know the whole story behind this wedding in Paris? Keep on reading! You will be surprised by the location choice at the end.


They got engaged in Chicago in front of an artistic sculpture called The Bean.

"We decided on an elopement very soon after getting engaged in September 2020 and started planning our trip. It only took about a month to find and decide to use Do it Paris Way, based on the fast communication we recieved. We spent about three-four months planning the rest of the trip. It was very easy to plan the ceremony" said Jessica.

"It was very easy" said Jessica.


Time to face the truth: a big wedding isn’t for everyone. Brides and grooms are feeling the anxiety and confusion caused by the whole traditional wedding planning. It can be super stressful and expensive to organize a big party to entertain the guests and relatives. Impressing people by spending a lot of money? No way! Especially if you are a busy person with a packed schedule.

A small elopement ceremony booked can be such a huge weight off the shoulders.

Couples that are considering eloping are brave and adventurous. Having a meaningful day for two is a very smart idea.


A fully customizable and easy-to-plan elopement offer. An elopement wedding day that is only about the couple, based on couple's wishes. Where all the vendors can be booked in one place.

The whole planning process was just simple and chill. We discussed every detail and created this elopement day based on what Jessica and Travis expected. We started with budget planning and package booking, ceremony selection and location selection. All vendors were booked.


Once a wedding planning contract was signed and initial payment has been made, we moved on to the design. What is a personal wedding style? Simple: things you love and details that are aesthetically pleasing.

We confirmed the look and feel to achieve. The style was coordinated with outfits and accessories.

"I am thinking about the red, pink, white and cream as the color scheme" said Jessica.

We used this color palette to order the flowers and choose portrait shoot locations and spots. What I love most about styling is that it can be classic and elegant or bold and modern. So many options to choose from!

This process saved Jessica and Travis at least 3 months and tons of conversations with vendors. When you have your wedding planned who does the job for you, no need to discuss the same details with everyone.

How to develop your own unique vision? If you are a newly engaged couple, simply start by thinking about what colors you like. Go to Pinterest and spend some time there. Save every idea that catches your eye.


We absolutely love this elegant style. A black suit is class, charm, and sophistication. Paired with the right shirt and tie, it never goes out of style.

Bride's beautiful dress is by Anne Barge, shoes by Pashion Footwear.

"We were most concerned about traveling with our wedding attire and making sure it got there and wasn't badly wrinkled" the couple admitted.


The couple booked an apartment in the 1st arrondissement of Paris.

"The day before the wedding we spent the entire day at the Palace of Versailles and walked the gardens to watch the fountain shows" said Travis.



3 days before the date I created a personalized timeline based on the sunrise time and traffic. I always monitor the weather forecasts to choose the best time for photos.

Why to start elopement so early? In June sunrise is the only time for photography with soft light and no people around the couple. Sun gives off a softer light that makes dramatic and artistic images. Paris is a busy city, so we recommend waking up early. After 10 AM Paris will be overcrowded with tourists.

We take care of the day planning, weather, timeline, logistics, and all other stressful things. And what the couple needs to do? Just have to show up and don't worry about anything. Relax and enjoy this day in Paris.


"My hair is naturally curly. Also, I will have a veil so that might need to be considered when deciding hairstyle. I'm very flexible on makeup. I do have a matching necklace and earrings to wear" Jessica explained on our group Whatsapp chat with makeup artist Yana.

Here is a backstage picture from Travis's phone:

Yana decided to create a look that enhances natural beauty. Soft romantic, glowing style with natural colors.

Our makeup artist has a perfect formula for a bridal look :

Elegant hairstyle + radiant soft makeup

We are working together for 5+ years, she is an experienced bridal glam specialist. She will create a fresh look that complements the style of your gown, your hairstyle, and the color of your bouquet.

"I thought I am so lucky to be marrying this beautiful woman" admitted Tarvis when he first saw Jessica in her wedding dress.


Transportation was included in the package for the whole event. Car picked the couple from the apartments in the morning. During the photoshoot, Jessica and Travis traveled with photographer Tim together and made stops at best sights around the city. And after the shoot returned back to the apartments.

I take care of the logistics, couples don't have to worry about anything. We created a personalized route based on Jessica's wishes for their shoot.

You send us your address in Paris.

You choose locations to visit.

And we do the rest.

We want our clients to enjoy this day and not stress about traffic or directions. We pick you up, drive around Paris and return back.

During the photoshoot, Jessica and Travis left their personal belongings in the closed car trunk. Thas't comfortable because you can take many things with you like accessories, snacks, flat shoes for the bride, phone chargers etc. Even second outfits to change if you want to.


Our florist is extremely passionate about colors and flowers. Here is a bouquet she created.


Ceremony location is Jardin des Tuileries or the Tuileries Gardens. A garden located between the Louvre and the Place de la Concorde in the 1st arrondissement of Paris. Not far from the Eiffel Tower. You won't have to spend time in traffic during your wedding day if you choose this spot.

Travis admitted "We loved the trees at Tuileries Gardens, and the fact that the gardens were full of flowers and fountains as well as great architecture and statues. It seemed like the location had everything!"


An elopement ceremony is the best way to get married. Because it can be planned exactly how you and your partner want to, no pressure. A personalized ceremony focused only on your love for one another. It can be short and sweet or long with meaningful vows and happy tears.

A few days before the trip we sent a personalized script to Jessica. To read through and confirm the details. That's how couples can keep under control the ceremony and avoid any unwanted traditions.

"Today, on the 13 of June 2021 promises become permanent and friends become family. Love is genuine, honest and open, compassionate and kind. Jessica and Travis, here you are today, getting married in Paris..."

-Opening remarks. The wedding ceremony opening remarks are a warm welcome: "We are gathered together on this day..."

-Sweet words about J&T love story

-I DO's. "Do you Jessica take Travis to be your husband?"

-Ring and vow exchange. "I give you this ring as a symbol of my love and I promise you..."

-Declaration of the marriage

-The first kiss as a married couple

-The signing of the symbolic certificates



Many couples don’t like posed portraits and prefer to look natural and spontaneous. And I support that! Happy moments make the best photos. I love asking couples to walk or move around. It can break the monotony and give fresh poses to work with. It also helps people to relax. That’s how we get natural-looking shots in movement.

Jessica and Travis were never professionally photographed before and I gave them some directions, but not too many. And just look how happy and confident they are. Oh, this sweet love!

"It was so much fun and the pictures are just amazing. Looking back on the photographs is like a dream come true" said Jessica.


If you are looking for the top photo spots in Paris, you have come to the right place. I know all those quiet and beautiful places.

Here are locations Jessica picked:


Trocadero is a popular and timeless Eiffel Tower view.


The Pont Alexandre III is our favourite bridge in Paris. The Beaux-Arts style, decorated with various ornaments. These include lamps, cherubs, and nymphs. It has been featured in numerous popular and iconic movies.


Everyone loves a historical site like Petit Palais. Best architecture in the world, hands down. This location is great if you have a dress with long train. Brides usually go with long trains to achieve a glamourous look. And this is a cute backdrop for those images.


Not only a spectacular setting but also a great location with a lot of shooting possibilities. From wide-angle shoots to close-up soft light portraits. And if you don’t agree, please tell me of another place where you can have this variety of scenery in a small area.

At Louvre Museum you can get at least 4-5 iconic views in just 30 minutes.

You can always add extra shooting locations if you want to.


Jessica found and booked Ciel de Paris (the Paris Sky) after searching on Tripadvisor. It is a restaurant with a panoramic view of Paris. Beautiful setting, and perfect spot for a sunset.

Experience was amazing, seats and loungers are super comfy.

A note for the future brides and grooms: we don't offer any restaurant bookings or recommendations. So please make sure you plan your wedding dinner in advance and book the place you really love. If the restaurant you want to reserve is popular, you may want to consider booking earlier.


Jessica and Travis finalized "I would say do not hestitate to plan a Paris elopement and definately recommend using Do It Paris Way so that you can have a stress free, perfect experience!"

Elopement is for those who :

-Been engaged for ages now but can’t bring themselves to have a big wedding.

-Can’t stand being centre of attention.

-Don’t want to pay thousands for people they barely see to have a party.

Paris is such a magical city and it’s impossible to get bored here. Your wedding is about the love and magic between you and your honey and you shouldn't have to compromise.

"We will never regret eloping, because it was perfect for us. We did a celebration after the trip with our family and friends, and it was nice to share our photo's and stories about Paris. Everyone was really happy for us" J & T.


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